You may only be looking to change one particular room in your home, or it could be the a complete renovation project. We can help you visualise your desired space by creating a Concept & Design Board based on your style and colour scheme.

You can keep your board to take away and execute at your own leisure, alternatively we would be happy to provide the full interior design package.

We can also source all finishes, furniture and accessories for our clients from our extensive range of trade suppliers. This can save huge amounts of time and money as we share the trade discount with our clients.

We work closely to a range of tradesmen and contractors and can happily recommend them if you so wish to take on your project yourself. Otherwise, we would be equally be happy to manage the project for you.

We offer you a free 1 hour consultation, where we visit your home and go through your requirements. We’ll explain our services and work out which package best suits your needs.

When the project has started, every stage will be signed off to ensure everyone is happy. Here is a list of how we can help you.

Stage 1
Concept & Design Board. The concept will define your style, mood & colour scheme. This will be executed room by room and presented to you on an A3 board, giving you an idea of how your desired room will look and feel. Stage 1 includes any design drawings and room layouts and we also design any bespoke shelving or furniture if required. We source all finishes and fabrics so you can start visualising how everything will work together.

Stage 2
Furniture, Lighting and Accessories Pricing Schedule. This will include all the elements of your chosen colour pallet and finishes. We can source all your furniture and accessories from known suppliers, sharing some of our trade discounts.  We can manage the ordering process, right through to the delivery.

Stage 3
Project Management. We can oversee everything from liaising with tradesmen and coordinating the project, to the delivery of furniture orders and general deliveries. If you’re having any bespoke furniture made, or shelving fitted, we can liaise with our tradespeople or with your chosen company, to ensure that the project is streamlined and as worry-free as possible. 

Home Shopper
We offer this service to clients who already have their design completed, but can’t seem to find certain accessories or pieces of furniture for their space. We can source items from our known suppliers, passing on some of trade discounts, which can save you lots of time and money!

Home Staging
We offer this service to clients, landlords, property developers, and estate agents. Simple solutions for making the most of your house for renting and selling. We can give you a fresh take on your space and how best to maximise the space to it’s full potential. 

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2hr Interior Design Express Consultation
If you would like some inspiration for your home, but not sure about using all our services above, why not dip your toes in and have an express consultation to help give you the ideas and solutions you may not have considered.
We can look at the areas within your home that you want to change with fresh eyes and give practical tips to help you on your way. We can also pass on some reputable tradespeople to get you started.