Jennie Bartholomew

From as young as I can remember, I have always loved transforming a room from one thing to another, moving furniture around, painting a wall to give a room a fresh new look and generally seeing it become something completely new and different to what it had been before.

I transformed my first property at age 20 – along with my property developer Dad – from a dindgy, old-fashioned 3 bed to a bright, vibrant & spacious house. This process wasn’t exactly new to me as I come from a family who’ve owned and renovated flats and houses around central London for the last 40 years, but this was my first project where I got to make all the interior design decisions and see them implemented at every stage. My love of interiors has grown over the years and I am now fortunate enough to run my own business working with residential clients and making their visions become a reality for them.

My skills working in the television industry for 10 years, managing crews of up to 100 people, working to strict time scales and budgets have transferred perfectly to managing a project and working with various tradespeople. I love the feeling of walking into a room and seeing the potential to create something amazing, maximising space and improving the functionality. I now do a job I absolutely love, which I am told by my clients, shines through. What more can I ask for!

UNiON also has an office in Haarlem, The Netherlands and is run by Tiffany Ring www.unioninteriors.nl

e: [email protected]

m: 07956 268 541