Design Inspiration

UNiON had a recent trip to France. When we saw this colourful creation in the window we had to stop to admire. It is a piece of art made into a scarf. This will be a reference for inspiration from one of our favourite designers’ Hermes.

Photo 07-04-2016


Ambient Lighting

Photo 07-04-2016-4
UNiON saw this light fixture on our recent trip to France. Great design feature in any room. This light will draw any person into the room intrigued by the design and will create a lovely ambience in any room.


The Violin Factory

violin-factory-lightsI worked with Louise Mcdonnell of Mcdonnell Associates on sourcing unique pieces of furniture for her beautifully designed Violin Factory. This space already had so much potential, but we added stunning feature items, such as the pendant light fixtures hanging over the dining area. The dining table was to have the illusion of floating in the space above; also a table top made of black high gloss finish and metal legs. I feel very fortunate to have had the experience of actually sitting at the table, during one of many dinner parties Louise hosted at the lovely Violin Factory. The original brickwork left exposed with the juxtaposition of modern elements makes this space so unique. The skylights from above give the room the natural light it deserves. A well designed space; a huge credit to Louise and such a pleasure to work with her! See more at